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Hospital for treatment of addiction

Hospital "Vita" is a private health institution specializing in the treatment of all forms of addiction. We especially emphasize efficient therapeutic programs aimed at treatment of drug addiction, alcoholism, pathological gambling, internet addiction and smoking cessation. Vita Hospital is located in a quiet part of the city, near the pedestrian zone of the center of Novi Sad.The building is modern and fully equipped and provides an opportunity for a pleasant and comfortable stay for our patients and service users.The hospital provides full confidentiality and protection of intimacy of our patients. Just call us and schedule a medical examination.

Services of Vita Hospital

The Vita hospital offers different levels of treatment and other specialized services for patients with problems of drug addiction, drug abuse, alcoholism, as well as effective methods for those who want to quit smoking and pathological gambling.

  • Painless detoxification with hospital care
  • Extended hospital treatment - stabilization in controlled therapeutic conditions
  • Outpatient medical examinations and consultations
  • Antagonist opioids (Nalorex) with prolonged action in the form of tablets, 28-day lasting injection or long-acting implants (for period of 3 or 6 months).
  • Diagnosis of dependence
  • Urine testing for the presence of drugs